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Aerial view of exterior of large warehouse.
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Project# 06614

Network and WiFi

Warehouse - new chamber

The client brief

Our client needed to urgently move stock into a new warehouse chamber, but poor wireless connectivity prevented them from doing so. We were commissioned to extend their existing WiFi network, including communication cabinets and switching infrastructure, with fibre-optic connectivity back to the primary and secondary communication rooms.

Our solution

In this project we were extending an existing network, therefore many of the design decisions and equipment choices had already been made. The network core comprised Cisco Catalyst 9400 Chassis switches, with Cisco Catalyst 9300 access switches in the outlying wiring closets and Catalyst 9100 Series wireless access points. We installed a new wiring closet to support a new switch stack and the additional access points needed in the new chamber. New fibre uplinks were installed to connect the new switch stack back to the existing core.


  • WiFi network, 21 wireless access points
  • Switching Infrastructure, 144 switch ports
  • Structured cabling
  • Fibre uplinks to existing main comms rooms
  • Survey, Design, Project Management, installation, commissioning, documentation
  • Weekly project meetings with Client team and other contractors

Risks and challenges

  • Coordinating our work with other contractors and managing multiple dependencies.
  • Working under a strict deadline as the Client was paying to store stock elsewhere.
  • Staged go-live was necessary, as stocking needed to start while our engineers were still on-site.
  • Work had to take place while racking was being built, which required careful coordination with other contractors to maintain safe working areas.
  • Flexibility was required to accommodate last-minute changes of plans.
  • All work needed to be documented in advance so it could be cleared through the Client’s change control process.
  • Hardware delays due to pandemic-related chip production issues had to be overcome.
  • Last-minute design changes had to be accommodated to find the best solution for all contractors.
  • Working at heights.

Our client

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Our partners

In this project we used solutions from the following technology vendor:
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