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Concept of 4G, 5G transmitter mast, transmitting.
Concept of 4G, 5G transmitter mast, transmitting.
Concept of 4G, 5G transmitter mast, transmitting.
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Mobile signal booster

Boost your signal and increase your productivity today!

Mobile phone signal is essential for communication in today's world. Unfortunately, in many offices and factories, poor mobile phone signals are a common occurrence. This causes communication issues for employees, who now use their mobile phone for work calls as often as their desk phone. Additionally, work apps such as WhatsApp require a reliable mobile signal to function properly.

Poor signal strength can occur for several reasons, including the presence of thick walls, interference from electronic equipment, or the distance from the nearest cell tower. This problem can lead to missed calls, dropped connections, and slow internet speeds, ultimately affecting productivity.

Fortunately, there is a technology solution. Mobile Signal Boosters use advanced technology to amplify weak signals and provide a stronger, more stable connection.

One of the primary benefits of Mobile Signal Boosters is increased productivity. With a reliable mobile phone signal, employees can communicate with each other and clients without any disruptions. This can lead to faster decision-making and better results for the company.

Mobile signal boosters can improve not only the cellular reception but also the overall quality of life for employees. With improved connectivity, they can stay in touch with family and friends, access important information online, and remain connected to the outside world during emergencies. This is particularly important as businesses strive to find the right balance between office working and working from home. Anything you can do to improve the office environment can help achieve this goal.

How we can help

We’ve teamed up with Nextivity, Inc to offer their CEL-FI QUATRA range of Ofcom-approved Mobile Signal Boosters. Their technology is designed to amplify weak signals and provide a stronger, more stable connection, even in areas with poor connectivity.

And the good news is it’s relatively easy to install. It utilises one or multiple Network Units (placed outside the building), with up to four distributed Coverage Units (inside) connected to each Network Unit.

As with most of our wireless technologies, a Signal Booster solution begins with a site survey to assess your current coverage and determine the optimal placement of both the indoor and outdoor units.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with us.

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