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Smart city and communication network concept 5g IoT telecommunication.
Smart city and communication network concept 5g IoT telecommunication.
Smart city and communication network concept 5g IoT telecommunication.
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Wireless technologies

Beyond WiFi: Unlocking the Power of Wireless

Some people think wireless equals WiFi, but actually it’s a much more versatile technology that can solve a number of business challenges

Wireless Backhaul

Wireless technology can solve a wide range of remote connectivity challenges, providing a reliable, fast and cost-effective method of linking outlying buildings and infrastructure back to the core network. If you can see the thing you’re trying to link to, but it’s impossible or cost-prohibitive to run cable to it, then wireless may well offer a solution.

Wireless backhaul is extremely versatile can be used in a number of applications, including CCTV, outdoor WiFi, rural broadband and transportation to name but a few. From a simple point-to-point bridge to a large outdoor mesh the possibilities really are endless.

How Low Data-Rate Wireless is revolutionising data capture

Here are three widely-used low data-rate wireless technologies:

  • Lorawan (Long range wide area network) is a low power, wide area network technology that enables long-range communication between devices. It operates in the unlicensed spectrum and provides secure, bi-directional communication with end-to-end encryption. Lorawan is ideal for applications such as smart cities, environmental monitoring, and industrial IoT.
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a variant of Bluetooth that consumes less power and is commonly used in IoT devices. BLE devices can operate for months or even years on a single coin cell battery, so it’s ideal for applications such as monitoring and wearable devices. BLE also supports a wide range of applications, including indoor positioning, asset tracking, and proximity detection.
  • Cat-1M is a low data-rate wireless technology that operates on cellular networks. It provides low power consumption and enables long-range communication up to several kilometers. Cat-1M is ideal for applications such as smart metering and GPS-based asset tracking.

Wireless technologies have been applied in various industries. There is a wide range of devices available, including those for measuring temperature, humidity, power consumption, vibration, shock, acceleration, occupancy, and more.

How we can help

If you have a use case that may benefit from wireless backhaul or low data-rate wireless technology, reach out to our special projects team. We would be delighted to put a solution together for you.

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You have a problem. You think there may be a wireless solution. It's probably crazy, but just before you rule it out completely, why not run it past our special projects team? We like a challenge!

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