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Business man touching electronic screen showing weekly project plan. Blue tinted image in white circle.Business man touching electronic screen showing weekly project plan. Blue tinted image in white circle.

Over 23+ years we have successfully completed hundreds of projects across a wide range of technologies

Here are a few recent examples to give you an idea of the scope of our work. From initial design to ongoing support, we've got you covered. Our experienced team is always up for a new challenge, so if you've got a project in mind, get in touch today!

anesthetist working in operating theatre wearing protecive gear checking monitors
iStockphoto LP (Getty Images)

Mobile signal boost

NHS Hospital

This busy NHS hospital relies heavily on mobile phones to contact key staff, so an area of very poor mobile signal strength in a busy department was causing them major headaches

Aerial view of exterior of large warehouse.
Maps Data: Google ©2023, Imagery ©2023 CNES/Airbus, Getmapping plc, Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Maxar Technologies

Network and WiFi

Warehouse - new chamber

A complex and logistically challenging project to extend an existing WiFI network into a new warehouse chamber, working alongside other contractors, in phases, to meet a strict deadline.

Aerial view of Manchester City Centre taken from a drone
iStockphoto LP (Getty Images)

Mobile signal boost

Commercial/Office building

In a thriving city like Manchester you might think mobile phone signal strength would be excellent, but indoors, especially in older buildings. that's often not the case and this client needed a bit of a boost.

Google Maps satellite image of a factory, offices and car park
Imagery ©2023 Google, Imagery ©2023 Airbus, Getmapping plc, Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Maxar Technologies, The GeoInformation Group, Map Data ©2023

Factory WiFi Solution

Factory & Offices

This Yorkshire-based manufacturing company needed reliable WiFi coverage in their factory and offices to support a new ERP/MRP solution

Soho Square London
iStockphoto LP (Getty Images)

WiFi Network

Retail/Offices, London

Our client’s prestigious London location needed good wireless coverage to support a wireless-first flexible working culture and a steady flow of retail customers and visitors.

Abstract network background with a rendering of a Cambium Networks cnWave unit
Background - iStockphoto LP (Getty Images / product - Cambium Networks

Wireless bridge

Logistics expansion

Our client needed a quick and cost-effective means of extending their existing network to another nearby building, so they could increase their warehousing capacity.

rendedering of robotic arm working with automated robots in logistics
iStockphoto LP (Getty Images)

Low-latency WiFi network

AGV/Robotics Project

Using WiFi in motion-control applications, such as this robotics deployment in a large distribution centre, presents extra design challenges over a standard network

Google Maps image of large distribution centre
Imagery ©2023 Google, Map data ©2023

Network and WiFi

Large warehouse and offices

In April 2020, against the backdrop of the Covid pandemic shutdown, our client needed to get a large warehouse / distibution centre up and running in a matter of weeks.

Got a project in mind? Our experienced team are ready to help
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