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Project# 06768

Mobile signal boost

NHS Hospital

Client brief

The radio waves used to transmit mobile phone signals can be blocked or absorbed by materials commonly used in building construction. The problem is exacerbated where there is a complex floorplan with lots of internal walls and partitions, and floorplans don’t get much more complicated than your average hospital. Our client had a particular issue around the theatres where the mobile signal was poor to non-existent. Staff working in this area were difficult to contact, and anyone entering this area was likely to lose their connection mid-call. They asked us if we could do anything to improve the mobile signal.

Our solution

To resolve this issue, we can install signal boosters and repeaters that amplify and retransmit the available outdoor signal indoors. We use CelFi equipment from Nextivity, which is fully Ofcom-approved. We begin with a wireless survey, which helps determine the optimal equipment placement and establishes a coverage baseline for before-and-after signal strength comparison.

Risk & Challenges

The main challenge was to minimise disruption to the normal operation of the hospital, which runs 24x7. To minimise any risks we worked closely with the hospital’s Facilities Management and IT teams to plan and carry out the installation works.


  • 1 x CelFi Network Units
  • 4 x CelFi Coverage Units
  • Associated cablings works
  • Design, installation, commissioning and handover documentation

Our client

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Our services

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